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The LG 55LM6700 is a 3D 55-Inch LED LCD HDTV which features LG’s latest and very impressive looking Cinema Screen design with a flat front paanel.

As well as looking amazing on or off, the 55LM6700 is feature packed also, with passive 3D support and coming with six pairs of 3D glasses. It also features built in WiFi and a number of media streaming services and app support.

If you’re looking for a beautiful HDTV with great features at a reasonable price, the 55-inch LG 55LM6700 should be high up on your list.

Key Features / Specifications

  • 55-Inch LED LCD
  • 1080p Full HD Resolution
  • TruMotion 120Hz Refresh
  • 3D Support (Passive 6-Pairs Included)
  • WiFi Streaming
  • 1.3 inches Depth
  • Weight: 33.7 lb
  • Average Contrast Ratio
  • Average Black Level 0.03 cd/m^2
  • Component, Composite, HDMI, USB


The LG 55LM6700 is a large, yet energy efficient, HDTV with a slick look and a unique interface. While it’s not best-of-breed, the picture is very crisp, but the remote control takes some getting used to and its passive 3D only works well when viewed straight on. If you want a full-featured large screen with inexpensive 3D, built-in Wi-Fi, and lots of Web apps and streaming options, though, the 55LM6700 is worth checking out.
Source: PCMag | Rating: 4 Rating

LG has a big winner on its hands with the 55LM6700. Not only is the TV stunning to witness when turned off, it does its job extremely well, particularly considering the challenges that a nearly bezel-less screen design can present.

While this set may be the lowest model of LG’s top-tier Cinema Screen TV series, we think it offers an absolutely stellar combination of beautiful form-factor, features and performance and, at just under $2,000 online, is a whale of a deal, to boot.
Source: DigitalTrends | Rating: 4.5 Rating